Structure and board of Directors

Role and Mandate of the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic’s Board of Directors

Anyone living in Pointe-Saint-Charles can become a member of the Pointe-Saint-Charles Community Clinic and have the right to vote at the Annual General Assembly. The main directions and priorities of the Clinic are decided by vote during this Assembly. Members of the Board of Directors are also elected at the Annual General Assembly. Their mandate is to ensure that the Clinic adequately meets the health and social service needs of the neighbourhood. They are also responsible for seeing that the Clinic runs smoothly overall.

Board members act on a voluntary, activist basis. They meet at least once a month. Their involvement and professionalism are greatly appreciated by Clinic staff and members.

Composition of the Clinic’s Board of Directors

The Board of the Clinic is composed of ten neighbourhood community members, one employee director of the Clinic, and the Coordinator, who has speaking rights but no voting rights. The Community Board is one of the concrete and significant manifestations of the Clinic’s distinct nature within Quebec’s health network.

The Board of Directors 2019-2020

Left to right: Charles-Éric Hallé, Denis Charron, Marie-Yves Lemy (secretary), Lorraine Rochon (vice-presidente), Nathacha Alexandroff, François Morel (treasurer)), Maria Perez, Luc Leblanc (general coordinator), Josée Ann Maurais (presidente), Geneviève Dandurand (not on the photo), Romain Guilloteau (employee administrator – not on the photo)

The Board of Directors 2018-2019

Left to right: Marie-Yves Lemy, Romain Guilloteau (employé administrateur), Josée Ann Maurais (presidente), Luc Leblanc (general coordinator), Geneviève Dandurand, Rosa-Paula Manariyo, Denis Charron (vice-président), Lorraine Rochon (secretary), Émilie Corbeil, François Morel (treasurer), Nathacha Alexandroff

The Board of Directors 2017-2018

Romain Gulloteau (employee administrator), Luc Leblanc (general coordinator), Émilie Corbeil, Lorraine Rochon, Rosa-Paula Manariyo, Denis Charron (president), Josée Ann Maurais (vice-presidente), Nathacha Alexandroff, Geneviève Dandurand, (secretary – not on the picture), François Morel (treasurer)