Home help for persons with reduced mobility* and their family caregivers

Services offered

*Any person, regardless of his/her age, having a temporary or persistent disability, the cause of which may be physical, psychological or psychosocial, and who must receive some or all of the services they require at home. These services are also meant for the person’s family caregivers.

To obtain home care services, you must:

  • Be referred by a doctor or other health professional. (You yourself or someone close to you may make a request for services as long as the necessary information is provided.)
  • Live in the Pointe-Saint-Charles neighbourhood.
  • Be unable to go out on your own or with help.
  • Make sure that the conditions needed for effective treatment exist in your home. In other words, you and those close to you must cooperate fully with the Clinic’s staff by following instructions and respecting hygiene measures.

Regulations regarding home care: click here

Theses services are offered by the Home care team